Lunenburg Included in Google’s World Wonders Project

Whether it’s the geometric shapes of the “Lunenburg Bumps”, the infamous grid pattern courtesy of the Crown, or the world famous Bluenose, internet-and-technology giant Google has selected the UNESCO World Heritage Town of Lunenburg for the company’s World Wonders Project. With this selection, Google has given Lunenburgers’ and Nova Scotians’ another reason to be proud. And so they should be! This extremely significant and important selection has placed Lunenburg in the same categorey as Old Jerusalem, the historic district of Quebec City, and Versaille. The most exciting part? A photo of Stellar Investments Inc.’s Mariner King Inn was chosen as the face of Lunenburg. Many thanks to all of the staff, contractors, and others that have supported our endeavor and helped to make it a success. This is a tremendous opportunity for Lunenburg to capitalize upon and once again reassures the community and the world that Lunenburg has something truly worth treasuring.

Google’s World Wonders Project

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